ALi's Blog: Best Albums of the Year. thx ALI

1. Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster
2. Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted
3. Rihanna - Rated R
4. Leona Lewis - Echo
5. Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D.
6. Shakira - She Wolf
7. Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel
8. Paramore - Brand New Eyes
9. Jordin Sparks - Battlefield
10. Carrie Underwood - Play On

The Midway State Ft. Lady GaGa "Dont Give Up"

GAGA Tweets!

Lady GaGa - New Queen of Dance Music / GaGa Nueva Reina de la musica Dance!

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Lady GaGa Exposed! plus: GaGa and Perez in NOBU

Lady GaGa - New Year! New Look plus Perez and Madonna!

Lady GaGa - PlayList AMAZING!!!!! Monsters! Enjoy / Canciones Favoritas de GaGa! Amazing

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Lady GaGa Want to Sing with Susan Boyle / Lady GaGa fan de Susan Boyle!

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Lady GaGa Talk About her New ALBUM/ GaGa Habla sobre su nuevo Album!!

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Mtv 10 in 2009! Bad Romance Best Song Of 2009!

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BARBIE-GAGA! Amazing!!!

Lady GaGa - Preform 2 Songs At The Ceremony 52 Grammy Awards! / GaGa cantara 2 canciones en los Grammy

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Lady GaGa - Access Hollywood Best Of 2009

Lady GaGa New Remix Album Coming Soon!


01 | LOVEGAME (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Mix Feat. Marilyn Manson) 5:21

02 | PAPARAZZI (Moto Blanco Edit) 4.07

03 | JUST DANCE (Richard Vission Remix) 6.15

04 | THE FAME (Glam As You Remix) 3.57

05 | BAD ROMANCE (Chew Fu Club Mix) 7.13

06 | POKER FACE (Dave Aude Remix) 8.13

07 | EH, EH (Random Soul Synthetic Remix) 5.28

08 | JUST DANCE (Robot’s to Mars Mix) 4.39

09 | LOVEGAME (Dave Aude Club Remix) 8.37

10 | FASHION (Extended Dance Mix) 6.11

11 | JUST DANCE (Matt Price Remix) 4.36

12 | PAPARAZZI (Filthy Dukes Remix) 5.23

13 | POKER FACE (Jody Den Broeder Remix) 8.05


OFFICIAL: Twitter Hate GaGa. Almost 3TT. But Unexpectedly them Topics! they were removed for Twitter/ Fuck U Twitter!

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Hoy los Fans de GaGa Unieron fuerza para hacerla un TT en twitter cuando teniamos 2 TT en la lista y ya casi 3 TT Twitter Removio los dos que estaban en la lista sin razon alguna! FUE UNA LOCURA los fans de GaGa enloquecieron!! No es Justo pero hoy los Monsters se hicieron sentir! Si tienes twitter RE #Welovegaga #2009wasGAGAs #GagaOwned2009 #HappyNewYearGaga

Buy In iTunes Lady GaGa PlayList!! Check It The Comple List ft. 13 Fav. Song of GaGa

Lady GaGa - The Monster Ball Tour Atlanta!! Images

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George Michael Talk About GaGa!! George Michael Habla sobre GaGa!!

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Lady GaGa On Pix 11 News – Music Of 2009 Coming Soon HQ

¿Lady GaGa Ira Al Infierno? POBRE ESTUPIDO!

The Year In Celebrity / El Año En Celebridades

Image and video hosting by TinyPic / Like a 21st-century butterfly, Lady Gaga flittered hither and thither this year, lighting up the world with her outlandish dress sense. There is no single moment to celebrate in particular, just a string of them to cherish. She first stamped herself upon public consciousness in February, when Just Dance, her debut single, started gaining serious airplay. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to maintain her status as pop oddity of the year. She dressed as a teacup for the Brit Awards, barely covered herself in a bubble-wrap dress for a performance in San Diego, plastered herself in fake blood at the MTV Awards in September and has never knowingly been photographed wearing a pair of trousers. Gaga by name, gaga by nature. And we salute her for

VOUGE "Lady GaGa Inspero a Diseñadores en 2009, por eso esta este las Mejor Vestidas"

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Lady GaGa En su Ultimo Concierto de 2009

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Cerrará Lady GaGa 2009 Como Principal Exponente de Música en Inglés en Mexico y Todo el Mundo

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Lady GaGa La mas Solicitada para el Año Nuevo en USA!

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MTV News: 2009 In 60 Sec. / 2009 en 60 Segundos

Lady GaGa - Galaxy Magazine: Entertainer Of The Year

RUMOR ALERT: Lady GaGa - New Music Coming Soon? / Nueva Musica, esto fue publicado en un portal de FaceBook, y al parecer es cierto pero no hay info!

Lady GaGa - Mtv News Wants Fans "Feel Alive"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic | With her far-out costumes and jaw-dropping performances, Lady Gaga probably strikes many people as nothing more than a character. But the singer, currently out on her Monster Ball Tour, tells MTV News that her vision for the tour goes far beyond being eye candy and revolves entirely around her fans. She says she ultimately wants nothing less than to change the lives of her audience. “No, it’s not a character, but what it is … it’s a devotion and a loyalty to the music, and preparing myself for the moment so that I may fully be free and fully give myself to the audience,” Gaga told MTV News. “There’s so many things that we have to do,” she continued, explaining her pre-show mindset. “We have to free our insecurities so that we can be strong and powerful; we have to be centered. Our throats have to be cleared so we can speak eloquently. My voice must be warmed up; my mind has to be rested and focused so that I don’t fall off the stage, or I don’t lean the wrong way.” Whether onstage or off, the singer hopes to continue to create a connection that’ll make fans “feel alive.” “What I do is, in essence, create an atmosphere for my fans where they don’t leave loving me, they leave loving themselves,” the singer explained. The theme of Gaga’s Fame Monster is a big part of helping her create that performer/ audience relationship. “When I say things like, ‘Do you love me? Do you want to f— me? Come on, Hollywood, take my picture,’ it’s the ultimate epitome of what that fame monster is,” she said. “And somehow, if you make fun of it or you make it a bit more tangible, fame is something that my fans can have for themselves. It’s not quite so poisonous.” Gaga noted that her onstage progression provides the narrative to the tour, which hit San Diego earlier this week. “I’m evolving through time. As a fashion story, the clothing begins in the sort of warbly, blue amoebic state, with lots of light, and it’s kind of spacey, and then I grow bones, and then I grow hair, and then I grow horns, and then I become a sexy, full-bodied woman in a world full of war and military,” she described. “And then I become myself, by the end of the show, and it’s this sort of apocalyptic rebirth when I appear in the orbit and I’ve done it again.” The Monster Ball Tour is currently being revamped, and the new show will hit the U.K. in February.

BORN THIS WAY - 2/11/11