Ryan Tedder : "Nobody works harder than Lady Gaga"

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder was asked by MTV News to clarify his statement about Lady Gaga’s health — turns out he never said that:

“I’ve had two or three people ask me about that, and I had friends who picked up People magazine last week or the week before, and they’re like, ‘You’re in People, someone asked you about Lady Gaga.’ I don’t even remember saying that. To be honest, I don’t even know that I did.”

He also said some nice words about Lady Gaga and described meeting her before she rose to fame in 2008:

“I’ve only met her once, but I had, like, a two-hour conversation with her nonstop the first time that I hung out with her, right before ‘Just Dance’ came out, and thought she was the coolest, smartest [person]. I was like, ‘God, she’s got her crap together.’ She was legit. “So I don’t know her, I don’t pretend like I know her, but the fact that I, for a moment, connected with her humanity, and I know how hard we work, and I know the schedule after ‘Apologize’ blew up… the longest stretch of time we were home in a row, for about 13 months, was two and a half days. And that can push you to a brink, where your job becomes who you are, and you end up reaching a breaking point, where all of a sudden you hate it, and you just want to quit. “Or you get sick — we pushed it so hard earlier this year, we were touring with Rob Thomas, and every single day was ’show, promo/press during the day, show that night,’ and I lost my voice and got swine flu. And the doctor was like, ‘Look, I’ve dealt with a lot of you artists. I’ve had Kanye in here, I’ve had R. Kelly, I’ve had all these different people come through my office. …If you don’t slow down, your body will shut you down completely.’ And so, if you’re collapsing onstage, I don’t care how much money [you have] or how much you love your ‘Little Monsters,’ you gotta take care of your health first. For anybody. For us. I mean, we’ve had to slow down. “My hat goes off to her. Nobody works harder than Lady Gaga. Nobody. She is unbelievable. I don’t know how she sleeps, or when or if. But I know people who work with her, and they’re like, ‘She is the most dedicated, committed, hardworking person around.’” Source: MTV News

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