BREAKING NEWS: Telephone World Premiere EXCLUSIVE on E! and RT #TelephoneThursday #WeWantTelephonesPreviewTomorrow

UPDATE: Don't miss E!'s 'Live From the Red Carpet' coverage of the Oscars this Sunday for exclusive news about Gaga's hit single "Telephone" featuring Beyoncé, and come back to Monday morning for all the details!
BREAKING NEWS: 'Telephone' video will be almost 10 minutes long! Source: GaGaDaily RT Monsters! We Want #TelephonePreview in the Oscars #TelephoneThursday #WeWantTelephoneNOW

NEWS UPDATE: The wait is almost over! With anticipation now at fever pitch, it has today been confirmed that Lady GaGa and Beyonce eagerly awaited ‘Telephone’ video will have its world premiere on E! News this coming Thursday (March 11th) at 11.30pm. Directed by John Akerlund, GaGa herself as described it as ‘a true Pop event’, stressing that it is better than the acclaimed ‘Bad Romance’ clip. Roll on Thursday! Tidbit: Does anyone else feel the level of anticipation surrounding GaGa’s videos have not been seen since the time of Michael Jackson’s releases? It goes without saying (for a number of reasons) that no one can capture the showmanship and mystique Michael exuded, yet it’s so refreshing to see someone come close – GaGa’s videos are becoming world ‘pop culture events’…which is amazing considering how short a time she’s been ‘active’. Go GaGa! Now let’s just hope the video is indeed the business. SOURCE:

NEWS UPDATE: Lady GaGa and Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ video will be unveiled next Thursday, it has been announced. The eagerly-anticipated pop promo will receive its exclusive world premiere during the March 11 episode of US entertainment show E! News. The video has been directed by Jonas Akerlund, who previously worked with GaGa on her ‘Paparazzi’ clip. GaGa recently revealed that the video is a continuation of the ‘Paparazzi’ promo and will begin with the singer in prison for killing her boyfriend. Discussing the video with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM recently, she said: “I feel so bad for the ‘Bad Romance’ video ’cause the ‘Telephone’ video’s so much better. “What I like about it is it’s a real true pop event, and when I was younger, I was always excited when there was a big giant event happening in pop music and that’s what I wanted this to be.” ‘Telephone’, taken from GaGa’s album reissue The Fame Monster, is currently at number 30 on the UK singles chart. SOURCE:DigitalSpy

NEWS UPDATE: Little monsters rejoice. The video everyone’s been waiting for, Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” featuring Beyoncé, will make its world premiere on E! News this Thursday, March 11, at 11:30 p.m. Gaga has described the Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip as a “true pop event” that bests her “Bad Romance” video. “I feel so bad for the ‘Bad Romance’ video ’cause the ‘Telephone’ video’s so much better,” she said. SOURCE:

DARKCHILD said in Twiter: @ONLY1DARKCHILD: "TELEPHONE" will be #1 at Top 40 as of tomorrow morning! God is so good! I said I would start the year out with a bang! OMG! Congrats GaGa :D

@VEVO have confirmed the Thursday night "Telephone" premiere. They will premiere the video at midnight after E! News premieres it!
BREAKING NEWS: "Telephone" by @LadyGaga and Beyonce premieres online at midnight Thurs night (Fri 12AM EST) on @VEVO!

NEWS UPDATE: The 10-minute music video will be released to VEVO / YouTube at 12:00 AM right after the TV premiere.

NEWS UPDATE: Attention Monsters: Lady Gaga is set to premiere her "Telephone" video, which of course features Beyoncé on Thursday. After teasing her fans last week with a photo of her (barely dressed) from the video, it was announced on Sunday (March 7) during E! News' broadcast of the Oscars red carpet that Gaga will premiere the hotly anticipated clip Thursday at 11:30 p.m. ET on E! News. Lady Gaga's official Web site announced that more details about the premiere will be made public Monday morning. The video, which is reportedly shy of 10 minutes long, was shot in California in February and was directed by "Paparazzi" director Jonas Aklerlund. The clip features collaborator Beyoncé as well as Gaga's pals Semi Precious Weapons. Gaga, who appears in the video in a number of characteristic get-ups (including phones on her head, said the video picks up where "Paparazzi" left off. "What I like about it is it's a real true pop event," she said. "And when I was younger, I was always excited when there was a big giant event happening in pop music and that's what I wanted this to be." In the video, Beyoncé reportedly breaks Gaga out of prison for what has been described as a Tarantino-inspired clip that even features the truck that Uma Thurman's character drove in Tarantino's "Kill Bill." When Gaga and Beyoncé collaborated on B's "Video Phone" clip, there were visual nods to Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs." "I feel so bad for the 'Bad Romance' video 'cause the 'Telephone' video's so much better," Gaga said. "[Beyoncé is] really a great friend of mine. We have a lot of fun working together. We're so very different in our approaches, but somehow when we come together it's really magical. I'm very excited for everyone to see the video." SOURCE:

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