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GAGA for Glee
Lady GaGa will make a guest appearance in the second season of Glee. The ‘Telephone’ star signed up to play a cameo role in the Fox drama series following a request from show bosses. WENN quotes show creator Ryan Murphy as saying: “We reached out to Lady GaGa and she said, ‘Yes, I’d love to be a part of it’. So we will be doing Lady GaGa this season.” Murphy also praised Madonna for “[cooperating] in every way possible” by allowing the programme to use ten of her songs in a special tribute episode.

Former ULTRAVOX frontman MIDGE URE has lavished praise on LADY GAGA for refusing to lip-sync at her shows – insisting her Monster Ball tour should encourage other artists to sing live. The veteran rocker admits he was astounded by the singer’s performance when he attended one of her recent concerts in the U.K. – and he hopes other pop acts will follow her example by putting on a “real” show for fans. He says, “I’m sick of acts cheating on stage, either lip-syncing or not totally playing live. It was like a breath of fresh air seeing Lady Gaga. In a sea of similar-type acts, who just go on and do the dance routines, it was nice to hear somebody actually sing live. “Isn’t that what you go to a concert for, to hear the music interpreted in a live fashion? Be real about it. There are no overdubs or fancy studio techniques. You can fix anything on a computer. So what if the vocals are a wee (little) bit flat here and there? That’s how it was on the night.” Source: ContactMusic

Suze Orman; "I am a total Lady Gaga freak"
During a television segment called “Can I Afford It?” TV show host Suze Orman admitted her love for Lady Gaga, telling a viewer who called into the show: “I don’t know if you know this, but I am a total Lady Gaga freak. I love Lady Gaga.” Orman goes on to tell the viewer the story of how she tried to go backstage at a Gaga concert in Miami, to no avail. “That’s the first time I’ve ever been denied. It was like, ‘What do you mean? I’m Suze Orman, everybody lets me come backstage.’” Source: ABC News

Dakota On GAGA
Runaways star Dakota Fanning has revealed that she is a fan of Lady GaGa. The actress, who stars as Cherie Curry in the upcoming rock biopic, told MTV News that she admires GaGa’s stage presence. “I am a fan of Lady GaGa because I think she’s a really great singer and a really great entertainer and when you watch her perform, you know it’s going to be a show. I think that’s really cool,” she explained. Co-star Kristen Stewart, who plays Joan Jett in the movie, was also asked her opinion on GaGa. She replied: “I don’t even know what’s on the radio, but I know she’s really hot. She’s got a look.” The Runaways opens in the US later this month. Source: DigitalSpy

Miley On GAGA
What she thinks of music’s latest sensation, Lady Gaga. “I love her. She’s really smart. I caught her on ‘Oprah’ and she was really chill. I used to be like, yeah, I guess she’s talented but how much is she really singing. But I’ve become a convert. She has to be smart to come up with all her gags and the stuff she comes up with. She gets it. She knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s like Dolly Parton. Dolly plays up that I’m-a-cute-dumb-blonde but, believe me, she’s not dumb. She’s sitting on a ba-jillion dollars.” Source: Yahoo Blogs

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