Lady GaGa in Q Magazine

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Lady Gaga is on the cover of the latest issue of Q magazine, available on newsstands now! Click the picture above to view the scans (courtesy of our member Lil’Monster) and check out some article highlights below: “I want to wear a dick strapped to my vagina,” she announces cheerfully, puffing on a Marlboro Light in the penthouse suite of London’s May Fair hotel. We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the year was that I have a dick, so why not give them what they want? I want to comment on that in a beautiful, artistic way. How I wanna show it. And I want to call this piece Lady Gaga Dies Hard.” Everything Lady Gaga does is for a convention-boggling reason. She’s the world’s only female pop icon who delibirately presents herself as significantly less attractive than she is, whether that’s via comedy-ghoul make-up or dressing up like a pile of Post-It notes. “When a guy says, Oh I fucked all these chicks this week, there’s a high-five and giggling. But when a woman does it and it’s publicised or she’s open about her sexuality or she’s free, or liberated, it’s, Oh, she must have a dick. There’s a threat. I also carry myself onstage in a masculine way and sing in a low register. This is not out of nowhere, right?” “But you don’t really want to get to know me or photograph my soul, you want to do some version of what you think I am and then expose something that you believe is hidden. When the truth is, me and my big fucking dick are all out there for you. But I’m not angry, I’m laughing. The joke is not on me, it’s on you.” Source: Q Magazine

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