Lady GaGa spotted in London

Lady GaGa was wearing a three foot pair of antlers/horns on her head last night, we’re not quite sure how she actually managed to make her way through the door frame of posh London eatery Zuma, where she had dinner yesterday. But somehow she did (with a lot of ducking and repositioning we should imagine) and we quite like the thought of her just sitting in the restaurant munching on sushi with giant antlers/horns on her head as if everything was completely normal. Which of course for it probably was for her.

Following another long day in the UK, Lady GaGa was spotted as she arrived back at her London hotel at around 1:30AM on Saturday (February 27). Having performed at the 02 Arena earlier in the evening, GaGa didn’t disappoint in the style department - as she wore ripped fishnet stockings, a black visor shaped mask across her face and forehead and a small video camera mounted on her red and black outfit. Never holding back with her comments, GaGa busily tweeted to her fans as she made her way from the arena to the hotel. The “Bad Romance” singer wrote, “What a f**king night. Sweating, pumping, dancing, mental human beings my fans are. Paws for miles and liquor. Freedom! Ill never leave u!”

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