Lady Starlight is the inspiration behind Lady Gaga's eccentric style

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A woman friend of Poker Face singer has revealed that she is the inspiration behind Lady Gaga's outrageous outfits and strange hairstyles.This friend is DJ, Lady Starlight, 34, famous for her go-go dancing who disclosed that she has created many of Lady Gaga's strange outfits. She also says that she convinced Lady Gaga to go on stage wearing skimpy PVC undies as well as Indian headdress (Turban).Lady Starlight's real name is Colleen Martin. She told the Mirror, "It's crazy knowing that the biggest star in the world was inspired by me," adding, "But I was the one who told her to take her trousers off because I rarely wore any myself. She's always been so great on talking about me. Giving credit where it's due rarely happens in the music industry, but Gaga has always done that and I'm very grateful for that." The two friends go back to Gaga's 20th birthday when they first met and became friends. Then they formed a team and named their act "Lady Gaga and the Starlight Review", which they performed wearing tiny bikini tops and sequinned knickers. Talking about the initial days when she reportedly taught Gaga to make those crazy outfits, she says,"The outfits were quite often stuck together with glue. Sometimes they held up and sometimes they fell apart on stage. We always wanted the flashiest garments possible... and to be as naked as possible." She adds,"She was already working on her album and a lot of what's on The Fame were songs that we've performed. As I'm 11 years older than Gaga, I do see myself as her mentor. And I know that my love of all things British must have rubbed off on her." Lady Gaga, real name Stefanie Germanotta also speaks of her friend very lovingly remembering those early days,"Lady Starlight and I would spin vinyl in my apartment, sewing our bikinis for the show and listening to David Bowie and the New York Dolls." On being questioned about her being left behind, Starlight says that she does not care. "My style, performance art and DJing inspired her persona. Now she's gone on to become a global phenomenon and I'm so proud," says Lady Gaga's inspiration.

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