Madonna Gets a Touch of the GaGas / Madonna Copia a GaGa?

Madonna Gets a Touch of the Lady GaGas... As she Steps out with her face completely covered by Mesh scarf:
The world's most famous pop star clearly was not ready for her close-up as she left the cinema in New York last night.Dressed to keep out the chill in a black fur Russian style hat, a sensible padded coat and trousers, Madonna, 51, also used her waffle-style mesh scarf to completely hide her face.With her hat pulled down almost shielding her eyes, she appeared to have a touch of the Lady GaGas as made her way to her waiting car with boyfriend Jesus Luz, 22. The young Brazilian model himself was wearing a balaclava which hid most of his features. Quite how she could see where she was going was something of a mystery as she strode purposely in front of Jesus. Madonna has made no secret of the fact that she takes inspiration from other artists. And GaGa memorably stepped out in a red face-mask and matching dress at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The Bad Romance singer's music has taken the pop world by storm and her onstage looks have inspired a legion of copycats. But more than likely Madonna's bizarre look was more than likely a wish to hide from the paparazzi.
Madonna was seen leaving the cinema in New York after seeing Avatar with toyboy boyfriend Jesus Luz. The Brazilian model was carrying what looked like a lunch bag, no doubt containing some flavoursome macrobiotic snacks to munch on during the three-hour long film. As Madonna would be sure to pass on the popular cinema snack of popcorn topped with 'butter' - i.e. oil. It was some quality time out for the singer, and her Brazilian beauty, who is said to be busy on a collaboration with rap producer A-Trak and rock producer Brendan O’Brien working on follow up to album Hard Candy. The 51-year-old singer is said to be hoping to emulate the success of Run DMC’s groundbreaking 1980s rap/rock hit Walk This Way. Madonna is said to be keen to experiment with a more guitar-heavy sound after spending time mastering the instrument.

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