RUMOR ALERT: GaGa Wants to sing with Boyle at BRIT Awards

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Lady Gaga is desperate to perform with Susan Boyle at this year's BRIT Awards. The eccentric star is a huge fan of the 'Wild Horses' singer and wants to team up with her at the prestigious ceremony in London next month. A source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "Lady Gaga is being lined up to headline this year's BRITs. She is being lined up for three awards so is planning a killer performance."When she heard Susan was also in talks to perform, she made it her mission for them to perform together. She always likes to shock and knows a performance with Susan Boyle would be a huge international story. "Not only that but she genuinely loves her. Like the rest of the world she thinks her story is amazing." Spinster Susan, 48, became a worldwide sensation after appearing on U.K. reality TV talent show 'Britain's Got Talent' last year and has gone on to have a multi-million selling album on both sides of the Atlantic. The 'Paparazzi' hitmaker is not the only star to express an interest in performing with Susan. Rapper 50 Cent has previously said he wants to work on a track with her, while opera star Andrea Bocelli is to team up with Susan on a song for new U.K. TV talent show 'Pop Star to Opera Star.' Bang Showbiz. AZ

OFFICIAL: GaGa Perform In Brit. Rumor: with Susan Boyle!

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