Celebs talk about GaGa

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Beyoncé in a new interview with OK! Magazine:
“It’s refreshing to see someone who has so much guts. She actually is a student of fashion design, and has a style all her own. I just finished the video with her, and it was so much fun — not to play it safe, just to go with something, and take it as far as you want.”

Wonderland Magazine: Do you feel that with Lady Gaga being so popular that your fashion now has to shock people?
“I think a lot of [what Lady Gaga wears] is really cool. I’m not knocking Gaga in any way, because I’m actually a fan of hers. I don’t know because we’ve never spoken, but when I look at her, I get the vision of Leigh Bowery. I mean, everybody’s inspired by something. Do I think it’s over the top at all? I enjoy it because it’s something kind of different. It’s something new to look at. It’s going to be hard [for her] to keep up with that, but who knows?”

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